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Lord Lucan

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PostSubject: ORCA   Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:11 am

Folks , over the last few days issues have arisen which have made some members positions untenable - not least on the officers' side of things . Lady-Lucan elected to retire from her position as vice-host last night , mainly because she was frustrated at problems at admin level . Tavarion , one of our main players and certainly our strongest guiding influence in Alliance Chat , left us today for gameplay reasons - he willl be one of the top players on Server 25 but cant achieve that while continually building and providing for others within a peace-oriented alliance . It was inevitable he would leave .

Both Lady-Lucan and Tav personally mailed our host ( Tav also group-mailed us all as you should know Smile ) and given that there has been no reply to either mail and no comment from tx on the forum despite member list showing him as active in the last few hours I am left to assume that there will be no response . Lord Damien has also requested to be removed from the alliance (a request I happily fulfilled )and I will be quitting in the next hour or so .

Draw your own conclusions , of course , but in essence you are now down to a host with no officers , vice-hosts , presbyters , etc . You're a great bunch of people though and I truly hope you can get your heads together and continue the ORCA way . I have enormously enjoyed your company over the last few months and regard you all as friends - I truly hope our paths cross again .


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